TAIBO has everything
you need to recycle plastic

TAIBO operates all the facilities required for plastic recycling.
From the method of separating and recovering disposed plastic resources to the know-how of producing new products made from these recycled materials (compounding), TAIBO covers all the fields of plastic recycling.


Design for resource circulation

The future of plastic recycling that TAIBO aims for

TAIBO is promoting a method of “Resource Circulation Design”.
This method a set of separation criteria in advance and a focus on the application of reusing (as secondhand products, as materials, as energy, etc.) rather than asking the simple question of “how to recycle what is disposed?”

TAIBO carries out the following:
①Create finished products that meet the needs of the market.
②Compound materials that meet the requirements of a finished good’s performance.
③Manufacturing of recycled raw materials that can be used as molding materials (material recycling)
④Sorting and collecting of resources to be used as recycled raw materials
By creating new products that are easy to separate for resource recycling, by creating new products made of recycled materials, and by collecting and recycling existing products, TAIBO takes appropriate actions to customer's requests in segments ① to ④ and contributes to social issues such as SDG’s and CSR.



Established in 1967. Headquartered in Wakayama City, with several factories in Gifu, etc.


TAIBO’s Products

  • Molded finished products

    We manufacture thick-walled molded products that take advantage of the material property of plastics. We also manufacture finished products that can be recycled again when they have fulfilled their role (recycle from disposal).

  • Compounded material for molding

    Various raw materials are compounded with recycled resources to meet the functional requirement of molded products.

  • Recycled raw material

    Recycled raw materials are purified by removing foreign matter and dirt from the selected resources and finished as homogenized particle size and quality. TAIBO creates recycled raw materials utilizing 100% of recycled resources.

  • Recycling
    (intermediate processing)

    We sort and select plastic waste for recycling. TAIBO carries out sorting and intermediate processing operations upon customers’ requests.


  • Reference desk (for all new customers)

    “How to make finished products with recyclable material?”, “How to make use of plastic that is disposed and collected in-house?”, and “How to recycle disposed products?” TAIBO takes care of all consultations regarding our recycling and processing systems. Please contact our reference desk.

  • Customer support 

    Please contact us if you are an existing customer or if you have specific needs.

  • Factory 

    We will be available all over Japan with our affiliated companies, including our own factories equipped with cutting-edge equipment for plastic recycling.

TAIBO's “Recycle”

More than 40 years working on material recycling of plastics and fibers. TAIBO’s recycled products within the Japanese market have exceeded 1 million tons.
TAIBO’s "Recycle" has a spirit of “Creation”. The core principle of manufacturing! We create products that perfectly satisfy customers’ requirements.Furthermore, the products of TAIBO have additional value of being recyclable after the end of their product life. We contribute to the future of Japan by creating “Circular” and “Economic” products.

TAIBO’s products maximize the physical properties of plastic (* Thermoplastic) Light ... Strong ... No decay ... Recyclable (* Life Cycle design), our products from recycled resources completely satisfy customers’ requirements.


Technology and know-how
That is TAIBO's expertise

  • Planning

    We have worked on recycling for more than half a century. We will help you achieve your plan with our experience, achievements and information.

  • Technology

    TAIBO is your one stop for your recycling problems
    ・Molding products.
    ・Molding materials

  • History

    To date, the amount of plastic recycled and sent out has exceeded 1 million tons.


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