Introduction of Products

Introduction of Products

〜Plastic recycling

Molded product

Plastic molded products are classified into three types.

The first is the visible parts of automobiles and white appliances focusing on function and appearance of products. They pursue high functionality.

The second is mass produced products that makes the most of functionality and shape reproducibility of plastic.

The third is long life cycle products that makes the most of the original advantages of plastics (lightness, strength, corrosion resistance, durability, shape reproducibility).

We are working on the development and manufacturing of thick-walled molded products that represent the third advantage of plastics, being continuously recyclable when the product life cycle is over.

Molding material

For molding materials, we compound various raw material resources to guarantee the required physical properties and performance.

Recycled raw material

Recycled raw materials are purified by removing foreign matter and dirt from the selected resources and finished as homogenized particle size and quality. TAIBO creates recycled raw materials utilizing 100% of recycled resources.

Recycling (intermediate processing)

We sort and select plastic waste for recycling. TAIBO carries out sorting and intermediate processing operations upon customers’ requests.