Mission TAIBO

New products created from recycled materials
Collection / recycled materials / recycled products / planning / development

TAIBO seeks for the future of plastics

A new set of values lead to new business models

"Waste" changes to "New Value"

“Recycling is expensive” ... is an old preconception.
Features of plastic, strongness, lightweight, rust-proof and durability do not change even after being recycled. We propose our clients to create "new value" from "their plastic waste”.

The future of plastic recycling that TAIBO aims for

①Create finished products that meet the needs of the market.
②Compound materials that meet the requirements of a finished good’s performance.
③Manufacturing of recycled raw materials that can be used as molding materials (material recycling)
④Sorting and collecting of resources to be used as recycled raw materials
By creating new products that are easy to separate for resource recycling, by creating new products made of recycled materials, and by collecting and recycling existing products, TAIBO takes appropriate actions to customer's requests in segments ① to ④ and contributes to social issues such as SDG’s and CSR.

Creativity of TAIBOCreating plastic products of the future by making proposals in the product planning stage

Proposal of a design that allows "Re-recyclable"

In order to develop new products that can be "Re-recyclable", it is important to select recyclable materials that can be reused for its next applications. One of our important philosophies is to design products with the intent to reuse its materials in future “Re-recyclable” products.
"Re-recyclable" designed products will create new values to contribute to society and preserve global environment, while also pursuing corporate profits.


Proposal of
タイボーとは タイボーとは

Achievements of TAIBOOver 1 million tons of material recycled and reused


We propose the idea of "Resource Recycling Design".
Molded products that can use recycled raw materials
Those who are looking for new business opportunities
Those who want to improve their public image by recycling
Please contact TAIBO.